Chaucer to Shakespeare Objective Questions


41. The pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales assembled at the:

A. Bracket Inn B. Tabard Inn C. Web le Inn D. Arcite’s Inn

42. The pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales were welcomed by a very Jolly host named:

A. Harry Baily B. Harry Miller C. Jacques More D. Palamon

43. Chaucer employed….. in his prologue and Canterbury Tales.

A. Rhyme Royal B. Ottava Rhyme C. Heroic Couplet D. Blank verse

44. Chaucer effectively used rhyme Royal in Troylus and Criseyde and arranged in stanzas consisting of 10 syllabic lines and having:

A. five lines in each Stanza B. Nine lines in each stanza C. Eight lines in each Stanza D. Seven lines in each Stanza