Chaucer to Shakespeare Objective Questions


1. Which of the four chief dialects that flourished in the pre-Chaucerian period became the standard English in Chaucer’s time?

A. the Northern B. the Southern C. the East-Midland D. the West-Midland

2. which of the following Chaucer’s tales is in prose?

A. The Parson’s Tale B. The Pardoner’s Tale C. The Prioress’s tale D. The Cook’s tale

3. Chaucer lived through the reigns of:

A. Two Kings B. Three kings C. Four Kings D. Five Kings

4. The poet who was born in the reign of Edward-III, lived through that of Richard-II, and died in the reign of Henry-IV was:

A. Chaucer B. Langland C. Trevelyan D. Boccaccio